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February 14 2018

Wir wollen die Inverse von 5 modulo 48 berechnen. (Sie tritt auf, wenn in der Animation p = 5 , q = 13 und a = 5 gewählt wird). Dazu schreiben wir zunächst den euklidischen Algorithmus auf, so als wollten wir den größten gemeinsamen Teiler dieser beiden Zahlen ermitteln. Da 5 und 48 teilerfremd sind, wissen wir natürlich, dass dabei ggT(485) = 1 herauskommen muss:

Der erweiterte euklidische Algorithmus besteht nun darin, ausgehend von der vorletzten Zeite, diese Rechenschritte "von unten nach oben" in der folgenden Weise aufzurollen, indem die einzelnen Zeilen nach den Resten aufgelöst und diese nacheinander eingesetzt werden:

Beachte, dass dabei zwar alle aufretenden Klammern ausmultipliziert, nicht aber alle Produkte ausmultipliziert werden! Damit ist gezeigt, dass
2 · 48 - 19 · 5  =  1
gilt, woraus
-19 · 5 mod 48  =  1
folgt. Nun haben wir die gesuchte Inverse schon fast gefunden. Da sie positiv und kleiner als 48 sein soll, addieren wir auf der linken Seite noch 48 · 5 (was auf der rechten Seite nichts ändert, da wir modulo 48 rechnen) und erhalten
29 · 5 mod 48  =  1.
Unser Resultat lautet daher:
5-1 mod 48  =  29.
Der erweiterte euklidische Algorithmus

September 20 2016

Free Snowden Portrait
Amazing Free Snowden Wall Portrait seen at MUCCC while some people from Metalab were visiting! Thanks for the hospitality in Munich! :) And most importantly: Thanks to Eduard for letting us know!

August 29 2016

3D printed hand holding a MS3000 without 3D printed case
What distinguishes us from other animals? Is it the hands? Or is it more generalized: The use of Tools?

January 28 2016

MS3000 fiont rendering working :)
also look at our new webpage magicshifter.net

also look at that cute old Metalab Entry Sign :))

January 20 2016

Jascha and Jay working
Working on configuring our server for controlling the nuclear missile facility management. I mean setting up our project management infrastructore. finally we get rid of those cloud services :)

January 14 2016

Webinterface for new MagicShifter 3000 works
hehehe :)

January 13 2016

ME and 100x ESP12F modules
We need them for the new MagicShifter 3000 but they can also be used for fashion ;) I love thos ESP8266 modules :)
POV debugging with Jay
I really enjoy working in a professi0onal team now :
First 100x MagicShifter 3000 PCBs have arrived
The boards we tested were all working perfect :)

ready for make-munich.de/ this weekend :)
POV debugging with Jay
I really enjoy working in a professi0onal team now :

July 08 2015

Hackathon 12 logo creation process by gem
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May 22 2015

“When I was depressed, it felt like I was walking through mud all the time. My head was filled with thoughts like, ‘If my friends knew who I really was, they wouldn’t love me.’ And, ‘What right do I have to exist?’ And, eventually, ‘Why do any of us have the right to exist?’ If people were being kind to me, I wasn’t able to access that kindness. It wouldn’t produce a feeling in me. If a child smiled at me from a stroller, it might lift me up for a millisecond, but then I’d fall back into darkness. Before I was depressed, I could find joy in things so easily. I worked as a gardener, and I learned the calls of the birds so I could tell where they were just by listening. I loved to show new plants and insects to children, and see how excited they’d get. I made a 50th birthday card for my sister, and got strangers from all over the world to write ‘Happy Birthday’ in their language. But during my depression, I couldn’t access any of that joy. I’d try reminding myself that other people had bigger problems. I’d try telling myself to quit being weak, and to snap out of it. But nothing worked.”
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May 16 2015


The Untold Story of Silk Road

Good read.
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May 15 2015

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Coandă effect
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MagicShifter Animated
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