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September 20 2016

Free Snowden Portrait
Amazing Free Snowden Wall Portrait seen at MUCCC while some people from Metalab were visiting! Thanks for the hospitality in Munich! :) And most importantly: Thanks to Eduard for letting us know!

August 29 2016

3D printed hand holding a MS3000 without 3D printed case
What distinguishes us from other animals? Is it the hands? Or is it more generalized: The use of Tools?

January 28 2016

MS3000 fiont rendering working :)
also look at our new webpage magicshifter.net

also look at that cute old Metalab Entry Sign :))

January 20 2016

Jascha and Jay working
Working on configuring our server for controlling the nuclear missile facility management. I mean setting up our project management infrastructore. finally we get rid of those cloud services :)

January 14 2016

Webinterface for new MagicShifter 3000 works
hehehe :)

January 13 2016

ME and 100x ESP12F modules
We need them for the new MagicShifter 3000 but they can also be used for fashion ;) I love thos ESP8266 modules :)
POV debugging with Jay
I really enjoy working in a professi0onal team now :
First 100x MagicShifter 3000 PCBs have arrived
The boards we tested were all working perfect :)

ready for make-munich.de/ this weekend :)
POV debugging with Jay
I really enjoy working in a professi0onal team now :

September 20 2016


January 14 2016

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