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Pb free soldered DC/DC boost converter PCBs

These are the new DC/DC boost converter boards based on the TPS61200 chip from Texas Instruments: www.ti.com/product/tps61200

It can convert any voltage from 0.5-5.5V to any other voltage up to 5.5V and can also be used as a constant current source for LEDs witch you dim by PWM with an optional enable input. So to test all those options I soldered 5 different versions, from left to right:
* 200mA constant current source for high power LED
* 500mA constant current source for even higher power LED
* 4.65V voltage source
* 5V voltage source (TPS61202)
* 3.3V voltage source (TPS61201)

Board size is 19x14mm and they can be used on a breadboard :) They seem to output the correct voltages but I have not tested the current sources yet. If they work as expected you will soon see them at the hackerspaceshop.com ;)

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